Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My 34th Birthday - Jan 19, 2009- (3) El Cajon

On Monday Feb 19, 2008 (the official day of my birthday) in St. Peter Chaldean Cathedral, in El Cajon, I was on a meeting with another two cakes!
First cake was prepared by the pastor of the Cathedral Fr. Mickael Bazzi, and the Staff: Christine Dawisha. In the presence of bishops Mar Sarhad Jammo & Bawai Soro and our brother priests I cut the 3rd cake of the Cathedral.

In five minutes the ladies of our Chaldean Media Center were ready with another Cake to sing and celebrate my birthday. I had to cut the ice cream cake and turn off the candles..

Thank you lord for this nice day
for all these nice people You have donate me!!