Thursday, May 05, 2005

Diocesan Quarterly Meeting

Left to right: (Fr. Yoshia Sana: San Jose’), (Fr. Paul: Monk: Arizona), (Fr. Kamal Bidawid: Turlock), (Bishop Sarhad Jammo: San Diego).
Right to left: (Fr. Andrew: Monk: Orange County), (Fr. Michael Bazzi: San Diego), (Fr. Sabri Qejbo: San Diego), (Fr. Felix Shabi: San Diego), (Fr. Noel: Monk: Los Angelos).
San Diego- May 3-4, 2005 Posted by Hello

In their quarterly meeting the Bishop met with the priests of his diocese to discuss the regular matters of the diocese “St. Peter Chaldean Diocese” as well as the matters of the Chaldean Church in general. The meetings last for two days, and was organized in three sections. The program contained different issues to be discussed such as:

1- The updating news about His Excellency’s visit to Baghdad, his participation with the Chaldean Synod, the matters discussed in the synod, the actual situation of Chaldeans in Iraq, the situation of the Chaldean Church in Iraq, the educational institutes of Baghdad: the “Seminary” and “Babylon College.” They discussed also his visit to Rome, and his meeting with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in His first “General Audience”.
2- The meeting discussed the preparation of the parishes to the 1st Patriarchal visit of His Beatitude (Mar Emmanuel III Delli) to our diocese (June 20- July 10). The schedule has been approved, and occasions have been settled to meet with the coming of the Patriarch, and you would be informed abut it later.
3- The book of the 1st communion for our diocese. The bishop requested from the priests of his diocese to create the book of the “Holy Communion” for our diocese. The outlining was already presented by Fr. Michael Bazzi, as well as from fr. Youshia Sana. Hopefully with the end of summer the book will be ready for the common usage of the whole diocese.
4- His Excellency presented another book that is ready to go to be published now; it is the “Book of Hymns” it has been almost one year since our beloved secretary (Maureen Putrus) was working on two texts (Chaldean, and Chaldean in Latin characters for English readers), and our excellent artist (Raid George) who prepared the musical notes of the hymns, in order to be played by whoever knows how to read notes.
5- Finally, notes were given for the new Liturgical Calendar. Then an agreement around the next diocesan meeting was reached to be hold after the “2nd Patriarchal Synod” in Rome on November 2005.