Monday, April 25, 2005

Chaldean Patriarcal Synod, Baghdad April 18-21
First line: Right to left:
1- Sarhad Jammo (West-U.S.A.)
2- Jibrael Kassab (Basrah)
3- Toma Meram (Ormi-Iran)

4- Patriarch Dalli III (Baghdad)

5- Andrawis Sanna (Retired- Kirkuk)
6- Jacques Ishaac (Baghdad-Babylon College)
7- Faraj Paul Rahho (Mosul)

Second line: Right to left
1- Louis Sako (Kirkuk)
2- Rabban QasRabban (Ammadiyah- Kurdistan)
3- Ramzey Garmo (Tehran- Iran)
4- Mikha Maqddassi (Alqosh)
5- Shlemoon Wardooni (Baghdad-Patriarchal Auxiliary)
6- Antwaan Audo (Halab - Syria)
7- Petrus Harbooli (Zakhoo - Kurdistan)
8- Andrawis Aboona (Baghdad – Patriarchal Auxiliary)

* It is good to note that a few bishops were absent from the Synod because of the situation in Iraq.
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Exclusive Kaldaya:

This is the first photo for the Chaldean patriarchal Synod held in Baghdad on April (18-21).

Immediately after the Synod, our Patriarch “Emmanuel III Dalli” flew to Rome along with our beloved Bishop Mar Jammo.
We’ll provide you with their pictures with His Holyness Pope Benedict XVI.

God be with them all.