Friday, April 15, 2005

The Chaldean Synod

On April 18, 2005 our Chaldean Synod will gather in Baghdad for about four days.

Our Bishop his Excellency Mar Sarhad Jammo is already in Baghdad for this important event. This Synod is the 1st one after electing our new Patriarch his beatitude Mar Emmanuel III Dalli on 2003.

This Synod will discuss the whole situation of our Chaldean Catholic Church around the world. One important event will mark this Synod through history which is: the approval on the Liturgical Reform of the Chaldean Mass! It is important to note that the last reform for our Chaldean Mass was made on the times of our Patriarch Mar Isho’ Yab III (650-659).

The synod has also to elect 2 new bishops for our 2 vacate dioceses of: Istanbul-Turky and Arbil-Kurdistan, Iraq. (Our Synod is formed from about 20 bishops + the Patriarch).

We wish them good luck, may the Holy Spirit protect them!