Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Do Not Leave Your Faith Eaver

From the Chaldean Briviarium --liturgical book or prayers--“Huthra”, we have this ancient Hymn it belongs to the Patriarch Mar Sham’un Bar Sabba’ey +344. He sang this hymn along with his friends bishops in the prison on Good Friday before they become decapitated because they reject the king’s will that Christians only would pay more taxes (double) for him (king Shabour II) in order to go to war against Roman Empire, after celebrating the holy Mass they were all martyred. So, this is the hymn’s text:

“Although you takeoff your external dresses,
but don’t do it for your internal suit –which is- the baptism.
If you are wearing this hidden arm,
the attack of temptations will fail to overcome you.
YOU KNOW what words you have listened to;
YOU KNOW what a Living Sacrifice you have eaten from.
Be aware of devil;
do not let him take advantage of you,
as he did with Adam.
And he makes you Foreigners from this glorious Kingdom.
For that one -Adam- he made him foreigner form the paradise,
and he wants to make from us foreigners too.
For this reason we want you to cry with us toward Christ,
through his Holy Spirit to purify our souls”.

This passage was written in 4th century.

Chaldean Breviarium
Part II, 2nd Sunday of Resurrection. P# 450
Translated by: Fr. Felix